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Political, Activism/Causes, Campaign, Election, Non-Profit, Charity & Donations - Politica Theme

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Political, Activism/Causes, Campaign, Election, Non-Profit, Charity & Donations - Politica Theme

Latest Version: v1.3 – Major Update | Changelog

Why Politica?

Our demos will quickly show you a lot of reasons why Politica is probably the most compact, user friendly Politica/Nonprofit WordPress Theme of the moment. The theme only comes with specific options and features, build by professionals for professionals. The most important part of the theme is that it comes built-in with a lot of services which actually are “Ready to go” after importing the demo on your site.

Politica was created to simplify the process of having a well-done website, for any Political, Campaign, Election or any other type of Nonprofit organisation!


Unlimited Color Options

  • Links Color Option
  • Main texts color
  • Main backgrounds color
  • Main backgrounds color (hover)
  • Semitransparent blocks background
  • Text selection color
  • Text selection background color
  • Nav menu text color
  • Nav submenu background color
  • Nav submenu text color
  • Body font family
  • Nav submenu hover background color
  • Nav submenu hover background color
  • H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 – colors and fonts management
  • Article blog posts pages color/font management


=== Released v1.3 – 22-Mar-2017 ===
[NEW] - Footer Widgets Added;
[NEW] - Article Blockquotes layout;
[NEW] - Added 2nd (blue on the theme) color picker option in Theme Panel;
[UPDATED] - Visual Composer Plugin has been updated to its latest version;
[OPTIMIZED] - Theme Panel for Blog settings;
[IMPROVED] - Sticky Header layout;
[IMPROVED] - Header centered UI has been improved;
[IMPROVED] - Page preloader engine(Global Theme Option setting now applies to all over the pages);
[IMPROVED] - Footer UI/UX;
[IMPROVED] - Post author bio layout;
[IMPROVED] - Theme Options Panel;
[IMPROVED] - Maichimp subscribe form submit button background (normal+hover) - colors are now changeable from Theme Options Panel;
[FIXED] - Category/Tags/Author Archives sidebar position problem + Minor HTML structure modifications;
[FIXED] - Single Event page breadcrumbs showing event title twice;
[FIXED] - Theme Option "Donate Button Status" - issue when status Disabled has been fixed;
[REMOVED] - politica_get_nav_menu() - if you get errors (function does not exist), please install the new version of the theme or contact support.
[REMOVED] - Preloader page/post metabox (Please update ThemeSLR Framework plugin to get latest updates);
=== Released v1.2 – 08-Jan-2017 ===
[NEW] - Boxed Layout has been added;
[UPDATED] - ThemeSLR Framework plugin to v1.1(for use with Boxed Layout feature);
[IMPROVED] - Translation - The theme is now 100% compatible with WPML localisation plugin;
=== Released v1.1 – 28-Nov-2016 ===
[NEW] - Mailchimp subscribe forms integration;
[NEW] - Back to top button feature has been added;
[IMPROVED] - Footer Layout;
[IMPROVED] - Theme Options Panel;
[IMPROVED] - Demo Importer;
[FIXED] - Call to undefined function is_account_page() error has been fixed;
[FIXED] - Page Pre-loader loads after page load issue has been fixed;
[FIXED] - Low contrast issue when Redux-Framework or ThemeSLR plugin is not activated has been fixed;
[FIXED] - Comments Default WP Widget style is now consistent with the entire theme;
=== Released v1.0 – 25-Nov-2016 ===
[RELEASED] - v1.0;


Fonts: Montserrat / Open Sans – Google Fonts
Images: picjumbo.com, shutterstock.com – All rights reserved! (Images not included in the theme-package)
Icons: FontAwesome, Simple and Minimal Line Icons