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ChurchWP - A Contemporary WordPress Theme for Churches

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ChurchWP - A Contemporary WordPress Theme for Churches

New Version: v1.6 – WooCommerce v3.x.x Compatibility and more | Changelog

Why ChurchWP?

Our demos will quickly show you a lot of reasons why ChurchWP is probably the most compact, user friendly Church/Religion WordPress Theme of the moment. The theme only comes with specific options and features, build by professionals for professionals. The most important part of the theme is that it comes built-in with a lot of services which actually are “Ready to go” after importing the demo on your site.

ChurchWP was created to simplify the process of having a well-done website, for any Church, Religion or any other type of Nonprofit organisation!


Unlimited Color Options

  • Links Color Option
  • Main texts color
  • Main backgrounds color
  • Main backgrounds color (hover)
  • Semitransparent blocks background
  • Text selection color
  • Text selection background color
  • Nav menu text color
  • Nav submenu background color
  • Nav submenu text color
  • Body font family
  • Nav submenu hover background color
  • Nav submenu hover background color
  • H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 – colors and fonts management
  • Article blog posts pages color/font management


=== Released v1.6 – 02-MAY-2017 ===
[NEW] - Added WooCommerce v3.0.x compatibility;
[UPDATED] - All WooCommerce templates bundled with the theme;
[UPDATED] - All outdated plugins bundled with the theme;
[UPDATED] - ThemeSLR has been upgraded to v1.3 (Make sure tp update the plugin to get latest changes);
[UPGRADED] - All outdated WooCommerce templates bundled with the theme;
[IMPROVED] - WooCommerce product titles and gallery;
=== Released v1.5.1 – 09-MAR-2017 ===
[NEW] - Footer has been redesigned with new widgets/widgets areas;
[IMPROVED] - Footer UI/UX;
[IMPROVED] - Footer Theme Options were optimised;
[IMPROVED] - Theme Options Footer Default values;
=== Released v1.5 – 08-MAR-2017 ===
[NEW] - Footer Widgets were added on live demo;
[NEW] - ThemeSLR Framework has been updated to version v1.2;
[NEW] - Header v2 (Social Media next to Donation button and contact on top) has been added;
[NEW] - Header v3 (Logo on center) has been added;
[OPTIMISED] - Header Blocks Compatibily with child theme;
[IMPROVED] - Footer settings (Theme Options + Page metaboxes);
[IMPROVED] - Page preloader engine;
[FIXED] - Header 4px space between nav menu items on desktops;
=== Released v1.4.1 – 08-MAR-2017 ===
[FIXED] - 3rd level submenu navigation hover issue;
[FIXED] - 3rd level submenu nav on mobile/tablets;
=== Released v1.4 – 07-MAR-2017 ===
[IMPROVED] - Header Nav Responsiveness on mobiles/tablets;
[FIXED] - Header Nav click issue on mobile;
[FIXED] - Header Nav Megamenu click issue on mobile;
[FIXED] - Page preloader not centered on mobile;
[IMPROVED] - Blog category/author/tag/archive pages sidebar position error has been improved;
[IMPROVED] - Blog category/author/tag/archive pages html structure has been improved;
=== Released v1.3 – 28-JAN-2017 ===
[NEW] - Add Sermons in any page by Sermon Category using TSLR Sermons Shortcode;
[NEW] - Custom "Give Donation Button" url in Theme Options;
[IMPROVED] - Theme Header Responsiveness(Smartphones/tablets compatibility has been improved);
[FIXED] - Hide header "Call Us" & "Our Address" links where no values are set on Theme Options;
[FIXED] - Header links hover;
[FIXED] - Hide "Give Donation", when url from Theme Options is not set;
=== Released v1.2 – 08-JAN-2017 ===
[NEW] - Boxed Layout has been added;
[UPDATED] - ThemeSLR Framework plugin to v1.1(for use with Boxed Layout feature) - make sure to update the plugin;
[FIXED] - Fancy Gallery shortcode script error;
=== Released v1.1 – 15-DEC-2016 ===
[NEW] - Added Sermons Grid layout;
[NEW] - Added Sermons Custom Post;
[NEW] - Added Sermons Shortcode;
[IMPROVED] - Improved Single Sermon page(Available Sermons type: YouTube/Vimeo Video, Local mp4 Video, PDF, mp3/wav audio files);
[IMPROVED] - Navigation menu;
[FIXED] - Minor layout alignment issues;
=== Released v1.0 – 14-DEC-2016 ===
[RELEASED] - v1.0;


Fonts: Montserrat / Roboto – Google Fonts
Images: picjumbo.com – All rights reserved! (Images not included in the theme-package)
Icons: FontAwesome, Simple and Minimal Line Icons